Inductive chargers (refubrished)



What are inductive (wireless) chargers for phones?

Wireless chargers are increasingly popular accessories that are encountered in modern offices, among other places. They can take a variety of shapes - there are flat, compact models that do not draw attention to themselves, or chargers that additionally act as phone stands. Most often they are kept in a black shade and made of high-quality plastic, so they look aesthetically pleasing and professional. It is believed that inductive chargers are gadgets that will conquer the entire GSM accessories industry in the future, due to the convenience they provide. In our collection you will find wireless chargers, which have the advantage of functionality, modern design and compatibility.

They allow you to charge your device even without taking it out of the case - this is the main difference from network chargers, although they also have their advantages. Their working principle is very simple - inductive chargers use the Qi standard, supported by most of today's smartphones. The technology uses a transmitting coil, located in the charger, and a receiving coil, located in the phone. One generates an electromagnetic field, the other induces a voltage, while the transmitters in the smartphone convert the alternating current into direct current, which starts the wireless charging process. Induction chargers in our offer are distinguished by very good parameters, so they guarantee fast and efficient charging of the phone.

Induction wireless chargers for iPhone and other smartphones - convenient accessories.

They are made of high-quality materials with non-slip properties, which minimizes the risk of falling. Good quality plastic is also resistant to overheating. They are equipped with additional amenities and technologies, making their use even more convenient, such as the ultra-fast charging function. Induction chargers for phones automatically turn off after charging and allow them to be placed in a lying or standing position, depending on the user's needs. They also have the advantage of low power consumption in Standby mode, which contributes to additional savings. A microUSB cable is included along with the charger.

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