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Refurbished aftermarket laptops at Luxtrade

Are you thinking about buying equipment for work or entertainment? Are you interested in laptops refurbished in excellent condition? Having a limited budget, post-lease devices are by far the most favorable solution. Post-lease laptops available from Luxtrade are models in excellent condition. Their price, on the other hand, is significantly lower compared to new counterparts. Used post-lease laptops equipped with modern technological solutions are always a more favorable investment than buying a new device with significantly inferior technical parameters.

Refurbished laptops - what to pay attention to when choosing them?

When deciding on refurbished laptops, you should first of all determine your maximum budget for the purchase of the device and how it will be used. People looking for a laptop only for daily activities or web browsing do not usually need equipment with the best technical parameters. However, laptops used for online gaming or work need to be more powerful. Among the most important parameters to consider when choosing a laptop are:

  • matrix size,
  • battery capacity,
  • hard drive,
  • the type of processor.

Among others, we offer our customers Apple products. One of the popular models is the MacBook Pro with a 16.2'' screen. What also sets it apart is 512 GB of internal memory, 16 GB of RAM and a powerful M1 Pro processor clocked at 3.2 GHz. The technologically advanced hardware will stand up not only to daily use, but also to work with demanding applications.

Post-sale and post-lease used laptops - excellent quality at a good price

Post-leaselaptops are a much smaller expense compared to buying new equipment. At Luxtrade, each laptop undergoes rigorous performance tests. So, deciding on equipment from our offer, you get the assurance that it has been checked by specialists and is fully operational. In addition, for each model you get up to a 3-month warranty. So in case of failure you can return the device to the service center, where it will be repaired within 5 days.

You will also find a cable and a charger that matches the device. This way you can use the equipment without worrying about draining the battery or having to buy additional equipment.

If you are considering other types of refurbished equipment available at Luxtrade - see also Apple Watch smartwatches.

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