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Condition: Very Good
The device presents superbly, with minimal signs of use. There may be subtle scratches, which are practically invisible when the screen is active.
The case may show light signs of use, such as subtle scratches on the bezels or back of the phone, not affecting the overall aesthetics.
The phone has no cracks, delamination or visible dents that could indicate drops.
The functionality of the device is complete and flawless - from the home button to Touch ID/Face ID to NFC, everything works smoothly.
The device has not been in contact with liquids and remains in its original state without software or hardware modifications, including no root or jailbreak.
The phone is free of any messages suggesting the use of non-original parts or replacements.

Assessment: 1850zł Assessment: 0 PLN
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
Apple iPhone 7 do 268,00 zł
GOOD PRICE You will receive an initial quote immediately, and after a thorough inspection, the money will be transferred to your account.
You will receive an initial quote immediately, and after a thorough inspection, the money will be transferred to your account.
Unlike the competition, the BUYBACK Program also accepts smartphones with a cracked screen.
Our program covers a wide range of device repurchase - smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and consoles.

Your old smartphone is lying at the bottom of the drawer and you don't know what to do with it? The BUYBACK Program comes to the rescue!At Luxtrade, we buy back phones of various brands and models - both devices in very good condition and visibly damaged smartphones. If you know that you will no longer use the phone you replaced with a newer model, this is the opportunity for you. The smartphone will be in good hands - and you will earn up to PLN 3,400, depending on the model and condition.

How can I sell my phone to an online phone dealer at Luxtrade?

In front of you is a form through which you can easily sell your smartphone under the BUYBACK Program. To send your old phone to our used phone collection, first select the type of product you want to resell, then its brand, model and built-in memory capacity.

Then select the approximate condition of the device you intend to sell for old phones at Luxtrade
- very good, good or damaged. For each of them, you can read the device health description matched to each of the three options and assess which category your old smartphone fits into. Even if the phone is not 100% functional and has visible physical damage, including a cracked screen - it is welcome in our online phone purchase.

Before preparing the phone for shipping, remember to log out of all accounts connected to the phone. Next to the phone repurchase form, you will find appropriate instructions,that will explain how to properly log out of your Google and iCloud accounts.

Buyback phones... and more!

Do you have other unnecessary equipment that you would like to resell under the BUYBACK Program? At Luxtrade you will also be able to repurchase devices other than smartphones. Do you have an older console model lying on the shelf under the TV? Haven't used your tablet for a long time? Is the smartwatch you bought some time ago not your cup of tea? We will buy all such devices!

You don't have to worry about shipping and return costs - our phone purchase service is completely free of charge. When the smartphone (or other device) reaches us and passes the inspection, the agreed amount will be transferred to your account. It's a really simple process!

Why is it worth buying phones at Luxtrade?

If you are still wondering what the used phone purchase program run by Luxtrade can be used for, we are in a hurry to answer. Taking advantage of the old smartphone purchase program is a beneficial option for both the seller, people looking for refurbished smartphones, and the natural environment. As a seller in our phone dealer, you can count on a reliable valuation and a favorable amount for your old, no longer used smartphone.The money will go to your account and the BUYBACK Program continues, allowing you to reuse devices that we can restore to perfect condition. And finally, if we think ecologically and want to take care of the planet, purchasing used devices is a sure way to reduce the amount of electronic waste that would end up in landfills..

Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the BUYBACK Program! Give your old smartphone a second life with Luxtrade - relieve your wallet after purchasing a new smartphone and hand over the previous model to the right hands.

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